Oct 162014
I have decided to start a new series that I will post once a month. Each month I will post on my blog an entire month’s worth of ideas for sessions. Each monthly post will be themed according to the holiday or the month. I have gathered a lot of material and ideas over the last 3 years as I have been a music therapist. I feel it is time for me to share a big chunk of what I do. Feel free to discuss anyt
Oct 142014
Once again we have reached one of my favorite times of the year! I love writing Halloween songs for kids to have fun! Black Cat is my latest creation. Please stay tuned this week. I will be posting another post with an entire themed Halloween session for you to use the rest of this month. I have lots of goodies to share with you! I wrote a little Halloween song to work on speech with several of my clients. T
Sep 262014
Hey there! This past week I was reading some posts on the Facebook forum “Music Therapists Unite”. There are many music therapists that converse, post questions, and give ideas. This is a fantastic place to go if you are ever in need of feedback or advice from other music therapists. One of the posts mentioned fresh ways to incorporate conversations skills through songs or activities. A couple year
Aug 312014
Today’s Sunday song is “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain” because there are many goals that can be met through this song. There are many verses but a lot of repetition which is great for kids. 1). Speech and Language This song is great for speech and language because there are simple phrases and words that can be filled in every line. For example, “She’ll be cominR
Aug 242014
I’m beginning a new series on Sundays called “Sunday Song” where I highlight a song that has already been written and how to use it in many different ways. “If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops, oh what a rain that would be. Standing outside with my mouth open wide…..ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.” This is the raindrop song. I have so many uses for thi
May 102014
Yesterday was a pretty cool day. I saw my client for the first time last week after 3 months. He of course had been developing very fast over all that time! He showed me last week that he loves to speak words about flying. Some of these words included bird, airplane, helicopter, and butterfly. So I decided to write a song about it yesterdat before I saw him. It turned out pretty great! He loved looking at t
May 012014
There is a very cute app called Kids Song Collection that I recently found. This app has pictures and interactive characters for favorite nursery rhymes and children songs. The reason I like this app is because it provides a way for parents to work with their children at home outside the music therapy session. It can be used in the session by the MT to demonstrate how to utilize it for maximum results. Then, t
Apr 272014
Great news…..I am no longer the music therapist without a voice! I definitely have something to smile about! I have come so far in these past few weeks. I can now say that I made it to the point I was at before injections. I still have a very long road ahead of me. The reason I got injections, was to improve the large gap between my vocal cords. Obviously, that did not work. Due to scar tissue, reflux
Apr 142014
I have some great news for you. I am not 100% yet and still have a long way to go. But the good news is that I can talk and I can sing. Yes, my talking is very high pitched and my singing is only in the upper range. But praise be to God who is healing me more each week. I have to attribute my progress to my Lord. My speech therapists have definitely helped me too of course. But God has truly had His hand on
Mar 252014
Today I am blogging about some of the improvements I have seen over the last couple weeks. My other posts were pretty similar due to no progress being made. I am definitely noticing some small changes now. I was only able to hit certain notes that were still very very high. I am still speaking and singing very high, but I can sing. I am not doing it very much because it gets uncomfortable and tires out very ea