Writing A Blog To Become A Better Writer

I teach a creative writing class and one of the questions that I am often asked is how one might go about making a career out of their writing.  There is certainly no one way to go about doing this, but I do happen to know some of the methods that many writers take.  Some will write freelance for a time in order to earn a little bit of extra money, but that is generally not something that is creative.  It used to be that it was impossible for a writer to get any sort of name recognition if he or she was not published.  However, being that we are in the age of the internet, it is much easier for a writer to remain independent while also building up their audience.  One of the main things that I tell my students is that they need to set up an account on a blog site like WordPress.  Even if they do not reach a huge audience, WordPress is free and it can help them to share their thoughts publicly in order to get some feedback.

In order to get them started, I generally refer my students to www.howtostartablog101.com.  This is a site that has helped many of my current and former students get their blog set up, and some of my former students have even found ways to monetize their blogs so that they can make money while they do what they love to do.  While blogging is not the occupation that most creative writing students would choose for themselves, it is something that can definitely help them to perfect their craft while they are trying to get their works published.  Depending upon the level of success that they have with their respective blogs, they might find that more opportunities open up for them.

I have even taken time to actually use this website to help my students to set up their blogs while in class.  If they are truly serious about their writing, they will want to be able to put it out there so that people can give them some good feedback.  Even if you are just beginning as a writer, the more exposure that you give your work, the more likely it will be that you will get better as time passes.  You have to be able to take criticism if you are going to promote your blog, of course, but if the criticism is constructive, you will learn quite a bit.


If you happen to be someone who aspires to be a writer, I can’t stress enough how important it is to have your own blog.  It will really help you grow in all aspects of your writing while also giving you something creative to do.  I strongly urge any and all writers out there to begin their blogs today so that they can try and grow in their art.  Who knows, you might end up being the next great author.